N.B. Clements Fundraiser

Dear N.B. Clements Families,
Our Fall Fundraiser officially kicks off today!  This is a simple and easy fundraiser with no products, no selling, no delivery, and no money collection. Students can win some nice prizes for participating and it will only take you five minutes to participate.
Students will be bringing their informational packet home after our in-school assembly. The fundraiser takes less than 5 minutes to complete using your phone, tablet or computer. When you register and send 10 emails to friends and family, your student automatically wins a Tik Tok Popsocket, a three-foot, light-up, universal phone charger, a pack of Sour Punch Straws, and 500 Tuition Reward points for college. If they enter 20 or more emails they will be in a drawing to win a pair of Apple Air Pods.
If you want to start early and load your 10 emails before we start, you can. Simply go to this link and click this register tab.
There are also additional incentives at the end, including a one hour, in-school GLOW party in our gym for students that earn $75 or more from their emails. There are additional prizes your student can win including brand name electronics.  Click the PRIZES tab on our site to learn more. This should be a lot of fun!
You can invite friends/family to join our efforts by sending an email or sharing your student’s link. You may also personally donate.
Ask your student about their packet when you see them today.
Thank you for taking action to help your child help our school!